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Monegasque Studio  Interior Design Render

Monegasque Studio

Monaco has some of the highest property prices in the world. This design is for a 39.2m2 studio apartment renovation featuring a modern design and partition between the bedroom and living space.

Floor Plan 39.2㎡

Originally the studio was comprised of a single studio living space, kitchen and bathroom. In the redesign for the renovation, the living space was partitioned to separate the bedroom and create a home-like feel whilst maximising space and both the kitchen and bathroom received a modernised restyle.

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Monegasque Studio  Interior Design Render
The bedroom was the biggest change to this property with a partition wall separating this from the living space. Warm lighting is used to create a homely feel whilst storage is provided in a simple yet practical way.
Monegasque Studio  Interior Design Render
The partition wall introduces a new level of functionality, from enhanced separation and privacy from the main living space as well as the delivery of power outlets and increased lighting. An entertainment console provides a complete studio-living vibe.


Monegasque Studio  Interior Design Render


A panorama of the master bathroom exhibits the full bathroom experience, consisting of a complete design overhaul for a modern yet practical bathroom environment.
Monegasque Studio  Interior Design Render
The previous bathroom was largely outdated, a modern and minimalistic design was added to make every ounce of space count whilst maintaining a spacious feel.
Monegasque Studio  Interior Design Render
Practicality was of paramount importance in the design. The bath doubles up as a shower and features a tiled wall for water resistance whilst the rest of the bathroom uses subtle decor to ensure a modern feel.


Monegasque Studio  Interior Design Render
The south-facing balcony is opened up with a sliding door into the master bedroom, offering both the practicality for ventilation and stunning views across Monaco.

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