Homestyler Interior Room Planner App

Homestyler Free iOS 3D interior Design Room Planner for iPhone and iPad makes home design smarter, easier and fun.

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Why Choose Homestyler home design app

  • convenient


    Start your design everywhere.
  • smarter


    Snap a photo of your room and switch it to 3D perspective view.
  • easier


    Build your flashing ideas and furnish a real room with simple steps.
  • engaging


    Share designs with millions of talented stylers from all over the world.

How homestyler mobile works?

  • creativity


    Design a beautiful room by snapping a perspective picture of your real space.
  • real

    Real Decor

    Decor Place high-quality 3D models of real furniture products in your rooms.
  • inspiration


    Get inspired, get challenged, get advice and feedback.

Users Review From IOS

  • The best Interior Design app

    This is the best Interior Design app. available anywhere!!! I'm So Happy I found it again! I used this app. for years before they discontinued it in April of this year & I was So Disappointed.....I thought it was gone forever & have tried all the other Interior Design apps. available, but none of them could compare to Homestyler!!! I accidentally stumbled upon it yesterday & I am SO EXCITED to use it again!!!
  • I really liked the original game

    This app is so great! Wether it's the the no in app purchases feature or all the beautiful furniture this app will be perfect for all of you out there who just love interior decorating!!!!
  • This app is insanely good

    So originally, I started designing homes online. I had absolutely no idea that there was an app but decided to try it out. I’m shook! This app is insanely good. I do suggest that you make turning the angle of the object easier. I did spend a lot of time trying to rotate the furniture. Other than that, this app is very much in point and I love it. Keep up the great work!!
  • It’s still the best app I ever used

    It’s exactly what you want in a house design app that you never get. It could use just a couple fixes just bugs, but it’s still the best app I ever used. There are soo many templates! There are so much to use that you can make any size and way and any place. The best thing is it gives you freedom to put your decorations anywhere and not one place idk what to say but it’s great give it a shot
  • I love this app so much!

    I love this app so much! It is so easy to play. You will like this app if you like designing rooms!
  • This is not just an app to me.

    This is not just an app to me. Homestyler launched my passion and art of science for architectural design which gave me the opportunity to create, build and design a home to scale. I have such high hopes for this company and the team that works to give the world the best, FREE, design experience. If not for homestyler, I would have no idea what to do with my life. They saved me from feeling lost and wondering how I could use my talent for design all over the world.
  • Super entertaining and a great time-killer

    Honestly one of the best, if not the best, interior designing games. Super entertaining and a great time-killer :)
  • This app is Amazing!

    This app is Amazing! There's so much to do! I love that yall have a community section and empty rooms! I'm a new Designer trying to go to school for interior design and this app allows me to practice the decorating portion and I couldn't be happier with this app! The only thing I would change is the rooms being more zoomed out or at different angles with some for furniture placement purposes and maybe some sitting and standing kids to go with the playground equipment and kids rooms!
  • All my friends are using it!

    This app is a life saver I used it to re do everything in my house definitely recommend this app! I love it so much! All my friends are using it!
  • I love love LOVE this app!

    I love love LOVE this app! The mechanics of it takes a little getting used to, but once you do, it’s worth it! It feels so good to have this creative outlet. The quality is great, and I would 10/10 recommend! The only hiccup I’ve noticed for myself- is that it seems when you edit a design you’ve saved, that design then disappears from the community so no one’s able to see it anymore. That’s a little bit of a bummer. Also, it would be nice to be able to edit the room itself once it’s saved, rather than just the info. But I still love this game to bits, and I’m definitely going to keep using it! Great app!
  • Most user-friendly design app ever

    Most user-friendly design app ever. Everything is completely free, no monthly fee like Neybers. Everything is way better quality than all of the other apps I’ve tried and those cost money. Nothing will beat Homestyler.
  • I love this app it is wonderful

    I love this app it is wonderful, I can design and that is what I live to do, i can design any room I can think of. I would maybe like to make 1 suggestion of adding and option for exterior design also that would make the app just a bucket load of fun!!