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7 Modern Beach House 3d design renderings

7 Modern Beach House

A simple thing as a platformed couch and a net kitchen with white cabinets can turn your house from grandma to real housewives of Atalanta

Floor Plan 212.81㎡

7 Modern Beach House floor plan 212.81
OK lets bfr the dinning space is to big but i was to lazy to change it . Then the first terrace was big but small so will just dell with it. The second kitchen was kinda uncaused for but what ever.Terrace two is used for the second kitchen like if you wanna view while eating.

Space Showcase 2 Renders

Dining Zone

Dining Zone 3d design renderings
This dinning room is big for no reason . I added a fire place because why not. I thought that hte decor on the wall would make not so basic but it's still modern. And the i just added a little bar counter.


Kitchen 3d design renderings
This is the second kitchen and i think that there was really not need for two but go off then. The little bench is in the way but i couldn't take it off bc it came with the full set.

This home design project - 7 Modern Beach House was published on 2022-09-27 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 2 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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