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Ballroom 3d design renderings


Floor Plan 286.62㎡

Ballroom floor plan 286.62
Ballroom 3d design picture 286.62

Space Showcase 5 Renders

Ballroom 3d design renderings
The chess-like tile pattern where dancers dance their games, bordered by purple and gold tiles, colours paling in the sunlight, is dominated by the large set of carved wooden doors set into the back wall. Two white horses reign in the centre, as if mimicking the dancers usually found in the ballroom
Ballroom 3d design renderings
The back wall boasts four gilded mirrors and the archways frame them, studded with marble plinths atop which flowers are arranged.
Ballroom 3d design renderings
A row of gilded mirrors along the back reflect the light from the windows opposite, the heavy tapestry lends colour to the room, and here tiles with simple orange and beige designs border the checkerboard. The fountain drips with more diamonds in the sunlight than the ladies who dance here.
Ballroom 3d design renderings
Wooden wainscots, gold plated, frame the far wall, where thick curtains border a portrait of a woman. In her pink gown, perhaps she is a long-dead Duchess, having died tragically young, the curtains usually drawn in respect. But she could be anyone, the rays of sunlight casting her in mystery.
Ballroom 3d design renderings



This home design project - Ballroom was published on 2022-04-08 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 5 high quality photorealistic rendered images.