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Home 101 (+10) 3d design renderings

Home 101 (+10)

This Design was roughly based on my own home. Each room fulfils the same purpose as my house but modified to fit my tastes. As such you'll find an unusual mix of modern and antique styles which I find provide the most warm and comfortable feeling, while keeping things sleek when possible.

Floor Plan 266.34㎡

Home 101 (+10) floor plan 266.34
Home 101 (+10) 3d design picture 266.34
After entering through the front entrance, Homeowners are greeted to a nice open floor-plan, with four large rooms connected without any doorways, but still maintaining the defined boundaries needed for a warm and cozy style. directly to the right of the entrance is the Mudroom, and garage access.

Space Showcase 16 Renders


Lounge 3d design renderings
A small space to play Games of all sorts, with bunkbeds in case guests need to stay the night, a TV and couch, and a pool table.
Lounge 3d design renderings

Scrapbook Room

Scrapbook Room 3d design renderings
The room adjacent to the Lounge room is an office used for arts and crafts as well as document storage.


Garage 3d design renderings
The Garage has a completely finished interior including Mirrors and a hand bar for any who want a gym at home, or simply want admire their reflection.

Main Floor

Main Floor 3d design renderings
Main Floor 3d design renderings
Large windows out front allow for lots of natural light to save on the electricity bill.
Main Floor 3d design renderings
For the musically inclined, an upright piano in the Family room. Feel free to serenade the guests.
Main Floor 3d design renderings
A nice large dining-room for all your family get togethers. Just be sure not to overestimate the table capacity.
Main Floor 3d design renderings
A kitchen peninsula with a view into the yard is a fine place for a cup of (preferred beverage).
Main Floor 3d design renderings
A living room, or is it a family room? who knows. Large TV with a storage cabinet below (Glitched). Used to hold a tube TV!
Main Floor 3d design renderings
Storage for all your shoes, coats, hats etc. sink because... why not.
Main Floor 3d design renderings
Too many pots? loads of storage in the kitchen. Care for a game of chess?


Pantry 3d design renderings
Shelves and a fridge and freezer, perfect for storing your Costco bulk buys.


Ben's 3d design renderings
Is an empty room.(ex man cave) so I made it into a bedroom for myself. fun fact, technically speaking the shelving is made out of water.
Ben's 3d design renderings
Arial view makes it look all the better. Another fun fact, everything aside from the figurines, statues, and legos has a custom material and colour. even the stickers on the side of the computer and books beside it are custom.
Ben's 3d design renderings
Found out you could give objects a "Luminescence" material, looks great, although the renders took ages.

Also Cats.

This home design project - Home 101 (+10) was published on 2022-04-17 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 16 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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