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#StPatrickContest 3d design renderings


I didn't have any inspirations, and I just had fun making this!

Floor Plan 643.11㎡

#StPatrickContest floor plan 643.11
I decided to choose this floorplan because it's simple, and cozy. I thought it would be good for aesthetics, even though some rooms were too small.

Space Showcase 4 Renders

Living Room &Hallway

Living Room &Hallway 3d design renderings
I still feel like the room is too open, but to me, there aren't many green things. Not to me, anyways. I like the piano alot.

Kids Bedroom

Kids Bedroom 3d design renderings
The ideas behind the image was just a free for all. It was kind of just what I thought would like nice, and so I went with it. My favorite part of the room is the Bay Window because it gives a nice view.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom 3d design renderings
The idea I had for the Master Bedroom was a Nature theme. I chose it because it was green, of course, and it gives that open aesthetic. My favorite part about the room is the plants on the walls.

Dining Room

Dining Room 3d design renderings
The room is kind of small and empty, I know, but I couldn't do much. I didn't have many ideas for the Dining room.

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