Sarah Bowers

2022-03-15 0 35

The blue bedroom 3d design renderings


The blue bedroom

This bedroom consists of blue walls, a gray wooden floor, two windows, and a closet. This bedroom includes a study area, gaming area, and a art studio area. The study area sits in front of a window and includes a computer, keyboard, mouse, globe, and writing materials. The gaming area has a full gaming system and even a gaming chair. The art area is surrounded by creative artwork, has art supplies, a table, a stool, a guitar, and even sits on a gray rug. The bedding is a dark blue and above the bed there is blue map, to the left there is a window, and to the right there is a night table.

Floor Plan 41.29㎡

The blue bedroom floor plan 41.29
The blue bedroom 3d design picture 41.29
My inspiration for this flooring is my own bedroom. I have a main bedroom area and a smaller area connected where my desk and art is placed. I enjoy it very much and I thought it would be the perfect floor plan for what this project was requiring. I am very happy on how it turned out.

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