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Son of Rich CEO Project 3d design renderings

Son of Rich CEO Project

My room design contains the desires and features that the kid asked for and more. You can clearly see that there is a space for studying, a space for art and a gaming space. I also added a real-life racing game, since I know that the kid loves to game. I was trying to create a "cool-toned" and "dark-colored room," and I achieved this by adding a dark grey bedframe, navy blue bedsheets, dark-toned pillows, and dark blue colored walls. But, adding too many dark elements could make the room feel lifeless, so I included light hardwood floors, light shelves and windows to make the room brighter.

Floor Plan 45.4㎡

Son of Rich CEO Project  floor plan 45.4
Son of Rich CEO Project  3d design picture 45.4
Since I knew beforehand that the kid wanted a lot of things in his room, I dedicated a lot of space beforehand to make room for his gaming space, art space and study space. I also added the bed and the gaming space parallel, so he could sit in bed and game.

Space Showcase 2 Renders

Son of Rich CEO Project 3d design renderings
I really wanted to add emphasis on the colors, so I added many contrast colors such as the bright yellow lemons on the desk, the light hardwood floors, the white desks, and the windows that allow the light to pour into the room.
Son of Rich CEO Project 3d design renderings


Adding furniture in specific places such as in the corner, on the wall, and even in the middle of the room can give the room a less boxy and more enjoyable place to reside. When I was designing this room, I thought about what a teenage boy would like, and I hopefully met the requirements.

This home design project - Son of Rich CEO Project was published on 2022-03-15 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 2 high quality photorealistic rendered images.