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#KitchenContest 3d design renderings


The kitchen, the heart of the home, represents color and joy along with memories that can be created within this space, as well as the classic touch that makes it timeless and visually appealing.

Floor Plan 38.23㎡

#KitchenContest floor plan 38.23

Space Showcase 7 Renders

#KitchenContest 3d design renderings
El punto central de la cocina es el extractor de mármol que lo hace llamativo y aporta profundidad al espacio
#KitchenContest 3d design renderings
The kitchen island has storage space, which gives functionality to this space
#KitchenContest 3d design renderings
The kitchen color a modern and eye-catching touch makes it the main space
#KitchenContest 3d design renderings
There is storage space on both sides, and the space between the island and the main piece of furniture is comfortable for the development of activities within it.
#KitchenContest 3d design renderings
There are various types of cabinets, both open and closed, that provide interesting functionality within this space
#KitchenContest 3d design renderings
the side cabinets allow you to take advantage of every square meter that exists as well as make the kitchen much larger and more functional
#KitchenContest 3d design renderings
The kitchen layout is as follows:

The kitchen in the back
On the island the sink
To the side a small cafeteria space

This home design project - #KitchenContest was published on 2022-03-03 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 7 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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  • sejal aggarwal

    hey, it's a cool design.. i really like it.
    would u mind having a look at my creation too.

    6 March