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Isabel Duarte Mendes

2022-01-12 2 187

#Partycontest-New year in Portugal by Isabel Mendes 3d design renderings


#Partycontest-New year in Portugal by Isabel Mendes

My design is very simple, I used homstyler library templates and imported the barbecúe. I kept the original plan, as expected, but I made changes to the decorations, colors and positions of the initial decorative elements. I created the New Year's party on the balcony, with a larger area, where I placed most of the commemorative props, the barbecúe and the drinks and food related to the moment. I provided a comfortable and pleasant environment for the closest family, but if a friend wants to participate there is a place to welcome him.

Floor Plan 99.88㎡

#Partycontest-New year in Portugal by Isabel Mendes floor plan 99.88
#Partycontest-New year in Portugal by Isabel Mendes 3d design picture 99.88
I chose this house model because it was the most interesting and suitable for the New Year's party.

Space Showcase 9 Renders

#Partycontest-New year in Portugal by Isabel Mendes 3d design renderings
At the end of the day, preparations for the arrival of the New Year begin: decorations, food, drinks and music. The space is divided into 3 areas: sofa for resting, table with snacks and drinks and a free area for dancing.

Master Room

Master Room 3d design renderings


I decorated the master bedroom with an elegant and harmonious design in mind, offering maximum comfort.


Bathroom 3d design renderings


I present a bathroom full of natural light, however the artificial lighting is well placed. Its charisma is exquisite, the shower cabin has a hydromassage column and the furniture, washbasin and taps are simple but appealing and beautiful.


Kitchen 3d design renderings


Viewed from the kitchen, this division gives access to the dining area. I like the design of the dining area as it is different from the usual. The dining area is separated from the entrance by a wooden structure.


Balcony 3d design renderings


The area that I present, with a good area, is decorated and organized for New Year's Eve. It has a large sofa with two side tables, a large table with drinks and various snacks, a barbecue and a music column. There is also an area for dancing. Everything is ready for New Year's Eve.


Lounge 3d design renderings


I considered it essential to place an office/library next to the living room. During the New Year's Eve party, it allows, like the living room, circulation between the balcony and the hallway, as well as the access stairs to the upper floor.


LDK 3d design renderings


View from the entrance, where you can see the living room in front. On the left is the dining room open to the kitchen. With this design there is a connection between the various areas, allowing for better interaction.
LDK 3d design renderings


View from the living room, positioned by the window. The opening of the spaces allows observing the dining area, the entrance, the location of the kitchen and the connection with the office.
LDK 3d design renderings


In the hallway, in front of the entrance, we can have an excellent view of the entire social area of ​​the house.

This home design project - #Partycontest-New year in Portugal by Isabel Mendes was published on 2022-01-12 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 9 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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Comments (2)

  • pri Ram

    This is beautiful!!

    17 January

  • Isabel Duarte Mendes

    Happy New Year and may my project be suitable for the best celebration.

    3 January