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#ChristmasRoomContest_SantaIsComingtoTown 3d design renderings


Santa is coming to town.
This is his secret house near the town, where he uses to have a rest on 23rd of December, before his travel all around the World. He just got down his sleight and is looking inside the house.
Everything is ready for Christmas: the tree, the decoration, the Champagne bottle, the candles,... and the instruments for many traditional holiday songs. Guess who is going to play the piano, the elves or Santa?

Floor Plan 471.81㎡

#ChristmasRoomContest_SantaIsComingtoTown floor plan 471.81
#ChristmasRoomContest_SantaIsComingtoTown 3d design picture 471.81
A big openspace for a big man: a large sofa in the middle, a white fireplace, a tray of cupcakes ready to eat, some instruments to play traditional songs, a big table to have dinner with all his elves,...

Space Showcase 3 Renders

#ChristmasRoomContest_SantaIsComingtoTown 3d design renderings
A modern open space with a traditional touch.
#ChristmasRoomContest_SantaIsComingtoTown 3d design renderings
#ChristmasRoomContest_SantaIsComingtoTown 3d design renderings
Candles, decorations, everything is ready for Christmas time.

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