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Kaelyn Williams

2021-10-11 3 28

Dads house! Happy fathers day! Interior Design Render

Dads house! Happy fathers day!

Floor Plan 701.61㎡

Space Showcase 1 Renders

Dads house! Happy fathers day! Interior Design Render

Comments (3)

  • Grace River @ Kaelyn Williams

    Sure! If you need any help with anything, just ask and I’ll see if I can help!

    26 June

  • Kaelyn Williams

    I'm not as good as you and I need help. Can you teach me to be as good as you.

    23 June

  • Grace River

    Okay. Something I’ve noticed in all of your designs is I don’t think they are finished designs. I would suggest keeping unfinished designs private until it is finished and then make them public so you put your best work forward! If you tell people to check out your designs and then they just see a bunch of low resolution cover renders and unfinished work, they aren’t gonna follow you. I followed because just because 😊. But if you want more likes/followers, I’d suggest making only finished work visible. 😊

    17 June