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Aurora 逸安

2021-07-14 4 129

bedroom Interior Design Render



With my favorite blue-green series, I imagine the warmth and happiness of living with friends. When I traveled abroad before, I found that foreign guest houses and hotels could always make my whole heart immersed in color. But since it's your own home, you absolutely can't lack your beloved pets! This very common room can make people feel no longer lonely.💗🍀

Floor Plan 43.4㎡

It's just a simple suite, but it makes people feel so familiar.

Space Showcase 2 Renders

bedroom Interior Design Render
Sitting on the sofa is not only comfortable, but you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery and beauty.
bedroom Interior Design Render
The two upper and lower bunks show the feelings between friends.

Comments (4)

  • Aurora 逸安 @ 逸安 孫

    Thank you for posting your thoughts and feelings.👍

    22 June

  • Aurora 逸安 @ 羽忻 張

    Thank you!

    22 June

  • 逸安 孫

    It feels great, as if returning to my beloved and warm hometown.😍

    22 June

  • 羽忻 張


    22 June