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Aurora 逸安

2021-06-22 2 52

living room Interior Design Render


living room

As soon as I get home, I can lie on the sofa to rest and watch the news. When the body wants to move, you can also play table tennis, exercise, and relax.🏓

Floor Plan 34.3㎡

You can watch TV as soon as you enter the house and play table tennis when you are bored. It is a very luxurious experience.😀

Space Showcase 2 Renders

living room Interior Design Render
The comfortable sofa when watching TV can sometimes make you accidentally enter a beautiful dreamland.
living room Interior Design Render
Sports can make people healthy, but the sport of table tennis can also enhance relationships with everyone!

Comments (2)

  • Aurora 逸安 @ 逸安 孫

    Thank you very much!

    22 June

  • 逸安 孫

    The living room can even play table tennis, and I really want to exercise at home so that I won’t be afraid of wind and rain outside.👏

    22 June