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Joy River

2021-04-17 1 57

Pink Paradise Interior Design Render

Pink Paradise

It's a girl's dream for pink! Plus if she likes any blue and gold then it will defiantly catch her eye. As you can see, there are some pics of animals and flowers. the floor is a very nice color marble and the counter top of the dresser is matching. You can see the room is tied together with many of the same colors and patterns! This is my first room design and wont be my last. Hope you enjoy!

Floor Plan 20.74㎡

The floor plane is quit simple. With a curved wall and three normal walls. You enter in a two door entrance. To the left of the room is a very nice window and to the right are pictures and a mirror. Simple but pretty.

Comments (1)

  • Grace River

    Nice first room! I like the color palette ;)

    19 April