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Its Candiiiiii

2021-07-29 6 89

mystyle Interior Design Render


this is just how far i have got....theres a lot more to come!!

Floor Plan 293.63㎡

Space Showcase 4 Renders


mystyle Interior Design Render
i added a bit of brushed gold to this...i think it really compliments dark(ish) wood and marble!! lmk what u think :)

Living and Dining Room

mystyle Interior Design Render
i hope you like it...the dining is to the left :)
mystyle Interior Design Render
i dont really like this vv much...but hey...its to dark in some places and too light in others!
will change the render when i can be bothered 😂😂😂

Master Bathroom

mystyle Interior Design Render
i went for that AMAZING japandi bath...and based the rest of the room around it :)

there are more rooms to come, wait 4 it!!!!!!!!!

Comments (6)

  • Its Candiiiiii @ Homestyler Official

    awwww thankyouuuuuu!
    i dont really think its good enough tho!!

    11 August

  • Homestyler Official

    Wow!! Nice choice of greenery! What a creative apartment! Look forward to more detailed renders, which will highly increase the chance of getting featured in Homestyler gallery~

    5 August

  • Its Candiiiiii @ Its Cozzz ♥❤♥


    12 May

  • Its Candiiiiii @ Its Nennnn

    thankyou sooo much ma darl 🤗

    12 May

  • Its Cozzz ♥❤♥

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍💚💚💚

    8 May

  • Its Nennnn


    5 May