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Chiranjith Bandara

2021-03-17 4 65

city pent house Interior Design Render


city pent house

Floor Plan 115.84㎡

Space Showcase 23 Renders

Comments (4)

  • Chiranjith Bandara @ Autumn Rose

    it is very simple .i made one big room and divide it in to two and add a arch opening to make the shower area
    that's all

    18 April

  • Autumn Rose

    Love how you did the bathroom!

    11 April

  • Chiranjith Bandara @ Clementine M

    thanks a lot .and the gallery part is up to HS

    26 March

  • Clementine M

    Wow!this is amazing. You are talented.It deserves a place in the gallery,I love the colours.

    23 March