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Ava Bowers

2021-03-05 9 136

Industrial Apartment! Interior Design Render

Industrial Apartment!

I really like this industrial design! I think it could make it to the gallery! I am hoping it will make it! Hope you enjoy!

Floor Plan 263.41㎡

Space Showcase 13 Renders

Industrial Apartment! Interior Design Render

Comments (9)

  • Tiana S

    I like it, but its a little dark for me.

    26 March

  • komw144

    this most certainly should be in the gallery

    11 March

  • Autumn Rose

    This is so good. I love the dark and moody furniture and the brick elements you worked in.

    6 March

  • Buksy.A

    hi ava! this is really pretty and you've outdone yourself welldone lovely<3

    6 March

  • Abigail Erdel

    Beautiful! Please check out my designs.

    5 March

  • Ava Bowers

    Thank you, I realized that too! I just couldnt figure out how to fix it. Thanks again!

    5 March

  • jenniferdentale.jd

    This is good, but next time try to make it more bright and luminous. Because it's all black or dark colors it's difficult to the eyes see all the details.

    5 March

  • Хочу домой!!

    это великолепно!!! ты всегда делаешь лучшие дизайны
    почему этот дизайн ещё не в галереи? Расскажи в чём секрет? Почему у тебя все так красиво получается?
    прошу посмотри этот дизайн я недавно его закончил думаю тебе понравится

    5 March

  • Keila Jensen

    Fabulous!!! Please check out my designs

    5 March