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2021-03-08 2 45

Jul's Beauty Salon Interior Design Render

Jul's Beauty Salon

I present to you the beauty salon of a friend who wanted to restore her salon. A bit of modernity, a new French style decoration.
What appeals a lot is the azure blue on the walls and the gold and black metal furniture.
The green wall in the water area pleases my friend enormously.

Floor Plan 65.45㎡

Jul's beauty salon is long.
at the entrance there is the reception with the waiting room and the toilets. Then in the 2nd part there is the hairdressing corner with the water corner.

Space Showcase 9 Renders

Jul's Beauty Salon Interior Design Render

Comments (2)

  • Julie Dos-Anjos @ Vimbai D

    Thank you :)

    9 March

  • Vimbai D

    this is beautiful!!

    9 March