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Lucy Andry

2021-06-10 1 296

Girl's Modern Room Interior Design Render

Girl's Modern Room

I'm one of three girls, and we were shoved in the smallest bedroom in the house. Since I was seven, I DREAMED of having my own room, so, I decided to create one that I could dream about. I googled Homestyler. It gave me everything I needed, so I set to work instantly! In two days, I had my room! The size and measurements are, well, not exact, but I believe that the idea is fun, and any girl would like it.

Floor Plan 25.69㎡

There is a regular-sized bed, with a small seating couch at the end. Two elegant princess windows laced with curtains. A desk to set the stage. One wardrobe, and an armchair for reading. I hope you like the idea.

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Comments (1)

  • Homestyler Official

    Terrific job!Love the pink color scheme~

    10 June