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Daenerys Targaryen

2021-05-28 2 56

Home Interior Design Render



I had an inspiration a long time ago, and here is what I have at the moment. This is just an idea of the final result which will be as good as it can be.
I'm working on the bedroom right now, I'll render photos when it is finished.

I want this house to be a modern house.

Feel free to write ideas or changes you'd like to see, I'm still working on it so it's not finished yet.

Floor Plan 335.09㎡

First floor: One living room and kitchen. The floor is gray. It can be changed.
Second floor: One bedroom and one bathroom.

Space Showcase 5 Renders

Home Interior Design Render


The same bathroom at night.
Home Interior Design Render


A beautiful and wide bathroom. A big bathtub. There are two plants. There are two mirrors and great views.

For further detail, click on this photo, it's a panorama.
Home Interior Design Render
You can sit and enjoy the views here. On the right, there is a bathroom. This place is located in the second floor, where you can also go to the bedroom.
Home Interior Design Render


This is the bedroom. There is one big bed with night tables and lamps, a plant, and a chair. On the right, there are some closets, and one window with drapes.
Home Interior Design Render


A big living room with a kitchen.
A fireplace warms the room. There are beautiful views and a comfortable sofa.

The kitchen's got a peninsula with chairs to eat. There are some cupboards to storage all your dishes, etc.

For further detail, click on this panorama.

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  • Daenerys Targaryen @ Simply Home Interior Designs

    @Simply Home thanks!

    16 May

  • Simply Home Interior Designs

    This is great!!!

    15 April