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Jhennifer Ribeiro

2020-01-31 0 198

Simmer 40m2 Interior Design Render


Simmer 40m2

A previous floorplan with 40m².
Disposing of two bedroms and a small living space, the design incorporates a traditional choice of décor, but a pinch of personal taste in the need of personal and moving space.
Cozy, small and made for two this house will, granted, be a home.

Floor Plan 74.3㎡

The areas where signed previously, and when uploading the floor plan the thoughts of moving walls around were crushed by the impossibility of changing the hidráulica. A shame. But the needed free space resulted in a vastly traditional décor that strives for freedom and mobility

Space Showcase 7 Renders

Living and Dining Room

Master Bedroom


Second Bedroom


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