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23 December 1 58

#HSDA2020Residential "The Love Letter" Living Room

This Living Room concept was created using a color palette inspired by the famous painting "The Love Letter", from the artist Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

We used the dark, saturated orange color from the background of the painting as the background of the room. The soft presence of the feminine figure was represented by the the touch of soft and light shades of pink and off-white.

To give a more tropical atmosphere, we used natural textures for the armchair set and plenty of plants,
and to bring some sophistication and balance we used a lonely leather armchair.

Floor Plan 21.39㎡

We choose to work on a Traditional Style living room as scenario. This is why we designed the two arches on the wall at the back of the room, and added wooden girders on the ceiling.

The focus of the room is the large sofa in front of the both arches, giving a more ordered and classic style.

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