Ryan Manuel Dayao

12 January 16 301

"Picnic at Home" Bohemian Studio Unit

"Stay at Home , Picnic at Home" . A Boho Style Studio Unit inspired with Picnic at Home Theme.

Live Laugh Love . It's my first try of a Bohemian Room. The concept was a Picnic under a tree. The tree serve as the focal point of the Unit separating private zone, work zone and semi private area. I incorporated "Boho" features such as Variety in Textures, Low Level Seating, Light woods, Indoor Plants , Variety of lights, Area Rugs, Vintage elements, and things that a Person Love. It's a place where you chill, relax and celebrate life.

Floor Plan 41.44㎡

Open Plan Design with "The Picnic Tree" at the center separating the Private Zones, Work zone, Dining, Kitchen , and Living Space.

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