Callie Miller

5 December 3 42

Sea Port Holiday Home: By The Bay: Glamorous Getaway

This design took me a long time, and I'm so sorry for that. After the first 3 1/2 rooms, the entire rest of the project got laggy. Overall, this is just two bedrooms and I think four bathrooms but I can't remember. I wanted a colorful, but not TOO colorful approach on this design. I'm planning on my next design being an entire apartment, with a main color thought of a few colors. I hope you enjoy my design!

Floor Plan 250.36㎡

Seaport Village is a part of California that you don't forget. It's right by the bay, and every time my family goes we get cookies from a small cookie shop. Shops lineup the edge of the bay, and it's the perfect spot to relax and listen to the ocean. I made a home that is up on a hill near Seaport.

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