olivia wilson

10 January 8 641

Modern Art-Deco Condo

I love the idea of owning a condo in the middle of Los Angeles. I designed this for a young college professional sports player that knows and appreciate good interior designing. This was designed with a large entertaining area purely for big nights when celebrating with their team and a personal gym room to keep in shape and trained especially for current times when the world is locked down. The bedroom is very open planed so that they can appreciate the view at all times. Including the open walk in robe and bathroom to give it that unique and distinct style.

Floor Plan 311.11㎡

I first created the living area and decided i liked the split level to segregate the difference between the living area and the entry and sitting area. I added the study nook very last minute as i love the idea of a 2-sided fireplace and who doesn't love working with a fire crackling next to them?

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