Mikayla Walker

11 December 0 69

ADF - Dream Bathroom

I was very happy during this designing process! I took on a modern, contemporary style to this bathroom, set on a warm day in the city! I decided to make the water closet compartmentalized and private, as well as a stunning, modern closet with a sliding door. I played with different materials and patterns to create the perfect doors and floors to match my contemporary-styled bathroom. I stuck to the colors of black, gray, white, and brown, adding brass and wood material to give a natural essence.

Floor Plan 16.12㎡

There is plenty of floor space in the main section of the bathroom for someone to get ready and move around after their relaxing bath. They also have their own privacy with the water closet in its own room, and they have their own closet with a sliding door and a nice view out the corner window.

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