Addy Martin

6 November 0 33

Copy of Apartment (Final)

My main colors in my apartment were shades of balcks, whites, and yellows. My inspiration for the shape was kind of like a barn looking one. I had to make it smalller because i had way too much space and it wasnt supossed to be the size of a hotel floor. The colors that i chose were black, white, and yellow. I chose those colors because i thought they looked good together and i thought they were simple.. I like houses modern, simple, and comfy. I tried making my apartment as colse to those as i could.

Floor Plan 227.18㎡

I did this floor plan because i wanted it to have a barn looking shape. My apartment had gotten to big, so when i tried to make it smaller it got more and more out of shape. The main part I wanted was where the dining room/ dining tabel is, is the shape i planned it to be.

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