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20 SQM single-floor small apartment with playful interiors

In the Philippines, finding a perfect spot in the city, and purchasing it can be challenging and expensive. So, instead of looking for a new place, I decided to upgrade the old ancestral space of my mom that goes way back in the 1800's. It is a tiny space since the entire compound had been divided into little different apartments for the relatives living in the area. The space that my mom and I were living is only 20 sqm. I asked her what color she wants, and she specifically stated light blue or bright blue and teal. So, I decided on a color scheme based on her preference. ---

Floor Plan 20.51㎡

This is a 20 sqm floor plan that consist of a living area with a bunk bed and dining area, one toilet and bath room, and a small kitchen space that's good for 2 people to live in. The design is playful and bright.

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