The unicorn, a net favorite of thousands of girls, was woven into the tapestry in the Middle Ages

huang bo23 September

The unicorn label, not just "girlie" so simple.

In Western mythology, there is such an elegant creature, which is shaped like a white horse, but because of the unicorn horn on the top of the head is different.

The unicorn in "The Chronicles of Narnia

It is noble, elegant, mysterious, full of magic, is a holy animal. In many western magical works, such as "Harry Potter", "The Chronicles of Narnia", "The Legend of Merlin" and so on, we can see its white figure. Legend has it that it likes to sleep with its head on the knee of a pure girl, so hunters often use girls as bait to capture it.

The origin of the unicorn

In 398 B.C., the ancient Greek historian Ctesias wrote in his book Indik (OnIndia) (editor's note: this was the first work on India written by a Western author).

"Unicorns live in the forests of India and are about the size of a horse, if not larger. They have a snow-white body, a deep red head, dark blue eyes, and a horn growing out of the middle of their forehead, about half a meter long."

Since then, the mysterious image of unicorns has spread.

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