This series of galaxy T-shirt September romantic debut

huang bo23 September


Just born in autumn

The sky is blue, the clouds are white

Evening breeze with the smell of wheat field

The evening sun mixed with the smell of orange soda

Bringing a hint of coolness

Bringing a long premeditated joy

Light and soft will breathe

The fabric is made of polyester, which has good breathability and moisture wicking. There is also strong resistance to acid and alkali, and UV rays.

Special black technology

3D T-shirt printer combined with thermal sublimation technology.

the color will never fade, the clothes are durable and

Can use any cleaning method.

Machine wash 100 times without deformation.

Moisture absorption and breathability at the same time

Freedom is freedom

T-shirt version for European and American sizes

3D cutting process on the body is wide and shapely

Let the boys show competent, let the girls dynamic

Easy to deal with a variety of occasions, to achieve the freedom to dress with

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