Smile, a decade less, today to share some funny quirky tapestry

huang bo22 September

Smile, a decade less, today to share some funny quirky tapestry

Girls who love to laugh, luck will not be too bad, girls who love to take selfies, the phone will not be too bad.

"Smile, ten years less", this is a very popular proverb in Chinese folklore, it directly explains the ability to laugh to get rid of diseases and health, anti-aging. Su Dongpo, a great writer in ancient China, had the famous saying "Life is only a hundred years, so laugh at 36,000 scenes", which is meant to advise people to keep a happy mood regularly. The above proverbs and quotes reflect that the ancients already knew clearly the benefits of laughter to health.

Foreign scientists have also pointed out the role of cheerfulness for health. Russian physiologist Pavlov pointed out that "cheerfulness can make you feel every beat of life, every impression of life easily, regardless of physical and mental pleasantness, and can make the body develop and be physically strong." Faraday, a famous British physicist and chemist, once suffered from headaches due to excessive tension at work, which failed to be cured even after a long period of medication. Later, a famous doctor said to him after a careful examination, "A clown in town is better than a dozen doctors." After saying that, he left. From the words of the famous doctor, Faraday understood the mystery of "music to cure disease", so he often went to see comedy, and was amused, and eventually his headache was cured. The scientific basis of this story is that laughing relieves the tension of the neck muscles and is therefore particularly effective for headaches. From a medical point of view, laughing is good for speeding up blood circulation, for promoting the activities of the respiratory system and digestive system, and for lifting the spirit, eliminating fatigue and relieving stress. Dear friends, we might as well in a day of intense study and work, tell a joke, listen to a comedy, or hang a tapestry indoors you want to see a smile, laugh happily, let us all to "laugh" out of health.

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