Not to talk about body value, do you think the boys look good in Purple t Shirt?

huang bo22 September

When it comes to the end of the year, various brands and organizations like to "make things happen" such as the Pantone popular colors that many trendsetters are united in their concern.

After everyone experienced the 16 years of haze blue and 17 years of forgiveness green, Pantone probably feel that other shades are too "bland" to manage it! The red and blue cp out of the high-profile gay purple out of the article, but also high-fashion named - electric purple, think about it all feel so difficult to wear!

It is said that this purple Pantone in determining the color is not the use of the general traditional sense of Roland purple, but to blue as a base to form the purple, in order to highlight the universe and the stars of the future and avant-garde sense of definition.

But gradually, in this last period before Chinese New Year, so difficult to wear "gay purple" also took the last train of the trend, by various hipsters and major brands fancy interpretation. For example: Balenciaga and misoni of the pertinent school.

The beast of a certain brand, in order to fashion is also desperate, even the entire stage is also arranged into a purple color, with a full body of bright leather, eye-catching degree is really quite high.

Unlock the "gay purple" the right way to open

So the question is, gay purple is obviously so bad to wear, why do people still like it so much, what is the correct way to open?

Don't worry! Since we all know that a large area of purple is not easy to wear, especially for our Asian skin tone, it is particularly difficult to please, there are many people who have found an alternative way to choose the means of partial splicing, this difficult to wear the electric purple also interpreted 6 to the point of no return!

First, the area is weakened, purple T shirt placed inside the black blazer, it seems that the whole both sharp, but also a sense of detail, replaced by Asian face is not very picky.

The partial splicing of the electric light purple print and a large area of black combined, the whole outfit with become a lot more everyday. In addition to with some tone more basic denim or casual pants, even and print the same color electric purple legging sweatpants can also hold.

Not to talk about body value, do you think the boys look good in Purple t Shirt?

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