Elm and Oaks Glass Canister for your Kitchen

elm oak5 August

Perfect for storing sugar, tea, coffee, nuts and more, these canisters are made of glass with a clear glazed finish that adds a unique character to each piece.

There are a number of factors to consider in deciding which canisters to use for your homes such as the material, shape and size of the canisters. They are crafted from sustainable materials such as Mango Wood, Glass, Aluminium and Brass. We use locally, ethically sourced renewable materials that fulfill social and environmental standards. Each piece is a result of a careful production process that meets requisite quality and safety guidelines. We ensure the highest safety and hygiene standards in manufacturing, packaging and distribution of our product.

 Elm & Oak’s canisters focus on quality, utility and style and are sure to make a unique impression in your home. Each of our canisters are food safe and allow for storage of different items such as sugar, tea, coffee, nuts, rice and other condiments. Moreover, storing ingredients in separate containers would definitely make them easier to locate, in addition to keeping the home and kitchen organized. 

Elm & Oak’s canisters come with an airtight seal that will keep your snacks and other condiments fresh. Additionally, these canisters offer the advantage of convenience as they can be carried along to your room, dining table, coffee table and work station.


Elm & Oak provides its customers with a wide variety of canisters. Their uniquely crafted Belgravia Glass Canisters Caramel/Pearl, Belgravia Glass Canisters Pearl/ Purple, Belgravia Glass Canisters White Pearl/ Purple, Belgravia Glass Canisters Cloudy Grey/ Pearl, Belgravia Glass Canisters  are sure to provide customers with a variety of options to match their style and décor.

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