Can a design get corrupted during saving?

kieran18 June


Huge black spots appear in multiple places, seemingly suspended in the air, in two rooms only. Where they are, their size, and how many there are depends on where I stand. They appear only in full renders. Not in speed previews or at any other stage.

When I say black spots, I mean, like, you draw a circle on a paper and color it black. They look like that, flat circles like that, but they seem to be suspended in the air rather than be on a wall or any item.

I found the version they first appeared in but comparing that and the previous version, nothing's different. I checked the artificial lights, all the models, all the materials, looked for hidden random stuff, in the affected rooms and rooms around them. But everything is identical between the still working version and the one where the black spots appear. This has lead me to conclude the design must have gotten corrupted whilst it saved in that moment. It was so long ago I don't remember if it was an automatic save or manual.

Curses! I had of course taken images of the house since that save as I continued designing, but apparently never from an angle where the spots would show so I never knew about them until now that it's all done and I created a panorama for a virtual tour I'd need to do.

Has anyone ever experienced this or anything similar?
Is there anything I can do to avoid having to revert back to one month old version and re-do everything I did during the month???

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