Wall Measure - BUG?

Aleksandra26 May

Hi, I think I noticed a mistake. The program measures rooms from the middle of the wall, not from the inside, as until recently. Does anyone have a similar problem? Maybe I don't know about a function and I can switch it somewhere?

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| BlueJay15 June
Hey, If you go into the 'VIEW' tab up in the top bar and then go into 'DISPLAY SETTINGS' and then go into the top tab called 'DIMENSION' and then you can choose how it takes the wall measurements or if you even want them to appear. Hope this helps. :) (I have attached an image showing what I mean)
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Grace Simmons28 May
It may be a bug caused by the measurement your using. I use feet/inches and my lines go from wall to wall. You picture shows them in the middle. It could be because your using cm/m. Hopefully you'll get a response.
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