🏆🏆🏆Winner Announced - Homestyler Design Award 2021!

Homestyler Official23 May

1st Prize(1 winner)

Dreamland is my version of Metaverse, a fantasy world where you can find flying whales, 

flying flowers, strange buildings and beautiflul unicorns. Hope you enjoy!

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61ca22e257c4840a0654ce08

2nd Prize(2 winners)

Welcome to my metaverse! 

It is inspired by a Rubik's cube for three reasons. 

First, I love the 80s, so this is a nod to that. 

Second, I am a bit of a puzzle myself. 

P And third, I am drawn to clean lines and shapes in modern architecture. 

Each floor is in a different style, but each one makes me so happy. 

The first floor is a relaxing rustic cabin. 

The second is a new wave retro entertainment room, 

and the third is an eerie modern gothic retreat. 

It may seem strange to combine so many styles, but this house is definitely all me.

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61d6fcfd57c4840a4aaf32d5

Come and explore my imagination with light, 

greenery or sometimes a little weirdness. 

My fav colors combined into an amazing home love openness and space.
My Mind, My Innovation, My Metaverse

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61d3d1af3c51700a3fce47f6

3rd Prize(3 winners)

Rustic interior design cabin retreat house. 

Rustic pieces are made from real wood, 

lightly treated or entirely natural to give that warm and natural appealing look. 

The design is incredibly warm, cozy and relaxed, making you feel welcoming and easy, 

with a color palette that's calming and traditional. 

Natural, neutral colors such as beiges, whites, browns, 

and grays are all key elements of the design.
Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/620a29063c51700a76cea88e

A home, where peaceful happiness with your family is a treasure. 

The word Akòn, is a waray-waray dialect, meaning Mine. 

As this is my world, 

my virtual world that aims to cater the dream from our reality, 

so welcome to MY METAVERSE!
Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/6216356557c48409d7cc0b34

This Organic interior design has been created in open floor plan from clean lines, 

rounded shapes, and smooth surfaces with neutral colors.

These elements were then accentuated with natural materials including wood, stone, 

rattan and concrete to introduce texture and an organic feel, 

together with minimalist furniture with straight lines or curves, 

and the palettes are grounded in warm, earthy colors - for example, 

a coffee table that highlights the natural pattern of the wood.

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61def57557c4840a4aafdcae

Best Popularity Award(3 winners)

I was inspired by cliff-side homes and the concept of a building hanging off the edge of a cliff, 

when creating my dream metaverse residence. 

This three-storey, 

glass surrounded home has been designed to hang 

off the side of a cliff to maximise one of my favorite views; the ocean. 

With one side of the home exposed to the raw edge of the cliff, 

I have used mostly natural materials and earthy colors for the home to maintain

 the presence of nature and blend in with the views.

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61d424e657c4840a4aaef85a

Apartamento en urbanización de diseño, consta de sala de estar, 

cocina y comedor en planta alta, dormitorio, vestidor , baño , 

cuarto de lavanderia y garage en planta semisotano.

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/6196095d57c4840bfb954e01

A house to relax under the view of lake Como in Italy House with Italian 

architecture to fish on the pier and spend the afternoon in its beautiful garden

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61d700be57c4840a4aaf3371

Most Innovative Award(3 winners)

This design took me months to complete, 

mainly because of designing its complex structure, which lasted forever. 

But now it is finally finished.

This is the outside view of the house/cottage. 

I went with an antique style, almost fairytale like.

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/6118260457c4840a76ffb44f

Meta Home is your Cliff home in a Metaverse 

My concept is to make a cliff home with merging a user experience 

and challenging meaning also it's an illustration of Meta shape...

you'll reach your home through two types of transportation a vechile and boat.. 

you'll have a recreational time with nature views a pool , sea and mountains ....

the materials in metaverse will totally different maybe acrylic or something out of the box , 

the ceiling with water view the walls looks like a waterfall through these Arcs...

Enjoy your stay in this natural and recreational meta home....

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/62250b4757c48409ee18afdf

I have such a great love for the outdoors, 

so it was only natural for this competition that my Metaverse be an outdoor design. 

If I had my way, this is how life would be. 

Me and the family on the High Seas away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Working and schooling strictly online.

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/6206c7943c51700a76ce7454

Design Excellence Awards(30winners)

1.Ran B :https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/62057dda57c48409d7cabf7f

2.Ran B :https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61e0da2957c4840acc49706d

3.denise_hl :https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61f45d563c51700a76cce6b5

4.Marina Bruna : https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/616ce5de3c51700a6a703b7f

5.Nathalie Jeanne Mang: https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/6207bfe83c51700a76ce80fc

6.sejal aggarwal: https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/603690303c517009cc70597c

7.auere val:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61fd33ba3c51700a76cda0ae

8.Ana Paula Castro:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61de273f3c51700a3fcf1e54

9.Mary Leschinskay:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/620a2caa57c48409d7cb0edb

10.Haley Marie:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61f590a857c48409d7c95ff1

11.Young Designs:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61f6f3c23c51700a76cd1668

12.Jazmin Abasto-Ruggeri:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61edfa6057c4840acc4a8567

13.Арсен Симовонян:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61d42f6c3c51700a3fce4c85


15.Anne Ottosson:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61cc8fe73c51700a05ca74d9

16.Attila Németh:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61e8a1ae3c51700a384daa36

17.Valeria Radeva:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/6187ad8a3c517007505fdb8f

18.hanifa abdulrehman:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/604b5e1c7a8d7a09d24bf981

19.MG Interior Design:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/6134ce5a57c4840a23f7764d

20.Kayle Mather:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/60f48b0c57c48405b20d428a

21.Mirjana Nikic:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/6216cef457c48409d7cc17bd

22.ROBERTA GIULIETTI:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61fab8a03c51700a76cd6a5d

23.Evolutionary Architects:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61d220c73c51700a3fce2c73

24.Kirsten Zegwaard:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/621cb60e57c48409e9af142f

25.hanifa abdulrehman:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61fc0b003c51700a76cd892e

26.Jenna M:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61eb5cac3c51700a384de98e

27.aya charife:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/6204f0373c51700a76ce45f2

28.Annie Ziv:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61e5cc6d57c4840acc49cddd


30.Вячеслав Войцеховский:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61ba0de53c51700a3f7c8d81


1st Prize(1 winner)

Hostal restaurante en la costa Mediterránea, 

frente al mar, comedor al aire libre, zona de piscina, 

zona de bar en la parte superior, recepción y habitacion con baño.

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/618394c53c517007505f941b

2nd Prize(2 winners)

Element5 Fitness Center has just opened. 

This wellness center was designed to work on every element that makes up the human being.

There are 2 floors divided into wings dedicated to weight training (Earth), 

wrestling, crossfit and team sports (Fire), 

aerobic activities (Air), swimming, 

water aerobics and relaxation area with sauna, 

whirlpool and hot tub (Water) and dances, 

Pilates, yoga and physiotherapy (Light).

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61cd11123c51700a05ca7ca1

La clínica cuenta con todas las comodidades. 

Baños en todos los pisos para los pacientes. 

El personal tiene un vestidor, duchas y baños individuales. 

Escaleras y ascensores para el uso del publico y del personal. 

Una sala de reuniones, y 2 salas para el descanso del personal o reuniones informales.

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61f4d23457c48409d7c95157

3rd Prize(3 winners)

Villa Vita is a 4-level 6-room spa hotel with a restaurant and a terrace, located in a mountain gorge. 

The highlight of the architecture - a structure recessed into the ground 

and traditional Mediterranean materials give a merger with nature, 

and the use of smart home technology and minimalist design make staying 

in this place as comfortable as possible. 

The rooftop lawn flows smoothly into the green area of the villa, 

linking all levels and elevations and reminiscent of an alpine meadow.

The idea was to make the entrance to the villa as traditional as possible. 

The facade looks like an ordinary two-story villa.

but the view from the south shows a modern structure, 

and the view from above shows only a green meadow and a pool

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61f6f07657c48409d7c97b16

Inthis design i show the exterior, not the interior
The main idea of the elevation depends on the hierarchical shape or triangles

 and merging them in different ways and angles. 

This shape was chosen because it is used a lot in the commercial photography, 

where the hierarchical shape is considered one of the most successful ways to market products.

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/6207b2fa3c51700a76ce7ff2

My uniqe architectural office design. I want to crate an amorf design. 

This design is unseen and metaverse...

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61f451fe3c51700a76cce54b

Best Popularity Award(3 winners)

Sede de oficinas de Diseños ED.
Edificio moderno con gran recepción y cafeteria en planta baja. 

Oficinas y sala de reuniones en planta alta.
Situado en Parque tecnologico con edificios de Diseño.

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/6161beb057c4840bfb9183c7

If you cannot travel to paradise, paradise will come to you. 

Make your reservation! 

There are few units. Which one did you like the most?

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/60af1db83c51700b1dd4dc0a

Il mio progetto è una navicella per poter viaggiare di pianeta in pianeta. 

Questo lavoro supera i limiti degli immobili fissi offrendo un servizio di alloggio intergalattico. 

Ci stiamo avviando verso un mondo completamente digitalizzato 

con nuove tecnologie all'avanguardia quindi TUTTO É POSSIBILE.

La planimetria è sviluppata su una forma ottagonale. 

Le pareti sono interamente di vetro per godere della vista di paesaggi stupefacenti durante i viaggi.

 La navicella dispone di una cucina e un bagno, 

una zona relax per trascorrere il tempo godendosi il panorama e una zona notte.

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61b0a5263c51700a5db08cd6

Most Innovative Award(3 winners)

Here is my resort design proposal. 

Beautiful holiday area with bungalows, on top of a mountain. 

Special emphasis is given to the architecture itself. 

Simple and comfortable. 

The design provides a conceptual solution, with the possibility of adding accompanying content.

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/626ee7a33c517009e6440277

Ecological spa with: sauna, hot water tub, chromotherapy, aroma therapy, Knipe path, 

salt water tub, relaxation area on the mezzanine

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/60db4f6a57c4840b6919f90b


The TOY SHOP is like a kid's home. 

The space welcomes guest into the store's world of toys with an inviting,
calming, and fun atmosphere full of wonder. 

The store is functional and comfortable conducive to exploration and activities. 

Classic pastels, neutrals, green, and bright blue colors together with modern

design interpretation make up a well and lasting experience visiting the shop.

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/62093c9a3c51700a76ce9a66

Design Excellence Awards(10winners)

1.SOFIA SP:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61fa884757c48409d7c9c8d6

2.ROBERTA GIULIETTI:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/60b1187b665c7d0a451e94bb

3.hanifa abdulrehman:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/601aeaaf3c51700a16d8e013

4.Jenna M:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/6143b29b3c5170080d9233b0

5.Karen Romeo:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/622612d457c48409ee18bff0

6.Jodie Wilson:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61eac0f93c51700a384dd86a

7.Styled by ANN DE LEON 🇵🇭:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61dbde1257c4840a4aaf913e

8.Mary Leschinskay:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/620685db57c48409d7cad137

9.Nur Farah Hanani:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/621a32433c51700a046e5979

10.Lorena Sánchez:https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/61f131c73c51700a76cc971e

*We will email winners within two weeks and prizes will be distributed within one month. Click the link below for specific award details: https://www.homestyler.com/forum/view/1476121750276554754

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Congrats to all the winners, fantastic designs.
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Thank you Homestyler and congrats to everyone
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Enhorabuena a todos los ganadores!! Fantásticos diseños!!
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Thank you Homestyler and congrats to everyone
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