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rendering vs reality

Andres Andra24 November


I have an really important question, and I would be very happy to get an asnwer from you.

I can use this frendly program to decorate my dream home, but then , at the end of this journey, I will have to implement my ideas in the real life, so here is the tricky thing for me, how do I actually bring the furniture I ve choose for my project , to life?

There are no sketches of the furniture pieces, just in case I want to share them with a furniture producer, and there are no data about the designers or shops that produce those pieces.

So, how can I really implement in real life the project I do in this app

Thank you! 

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Grace Simmons25 November
Some, not many HS models have brand names in the desription. If you upload from, many descriptions have manufacturer names and even websites. Sometimes the information is available in the comments section.