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Homestyler Official30 April

Tips of the Video Rendering Free Trial

Hey Dear Homestylers, as you may have noticed, we have just launched the free trial activity of video rendering!

From 29th April to 12th of May, all users shall get 60 seconds of free video render quota (30 seconds of 720p and 30 seconds of 1080p video, worthy USD 29.9) in their Homestyler account. You could have a free trial on our lately launched advanced video rendering function, but any unused trial video render shall expire after the tiral period.

You could check your remaining rendering quota in "My subscription" page, or directly in the video rendering interface.

You could go to our Youtube Channel and watch multi-language subtile tutorial videos (please open subtitle and switch language in Youtube video window):


Here are some tips:

1 The rendering qutoa is 10-second per unit. So if you render a video that last for less than 10 seconds (which is the total length of clips), the program would deduct 10 seconds of your quota. So we would suggest you to render in N times of 10 seconds (like 10s, 20s, 30s etc).

2 The video rendering would consumes more on our rendering engine. So if your design contains too many polygons (especially for plants), the rendering may fail. BUT all rendering qutoa (no matter from free trial or your own purchased quota) shall be returned to your account automatically for any failed rendering.

3 If the video comes out with any unusual results, feel free to contact Homestyler-Support (homestyler-support@service.alibaba.com), and if it is a system bug, we will return your quota later.

4 We will be having a five-day national holiday from 1st to 5th of May, so the response of Homestyler-Support might be delayed. Thank you for your patience in advance!


    Lwei DesignYesterday
    Love it!!! Thank you Homestyler~~~
    Christina VonWonder4 May
    I don't think i like this because here is why from what i can see there is no like tour abd that is what i need if you wan't a chance to be on my profile.