Japandi Style Model Collection - 2021/4/1 UPDATED

Homestyler Official1 April 2021

If you want to find a way to embrace nature, come right here to meet with Japandi style! Japandi is a hybrid design trend of combining Japanese and Scandinavian together because of their shared aesthetics. In Japandi, natural materials such as wood and craftsmanship are the key. Its minimalism, simplicity, and not overpowering decor make people feel calming and peaceful. 

All images displaying here are rendered in 4K-quality resolution, using Homestyler powerful render engine.

Come check out our new Japandi Style Model Collection in the catalog under "Trends" (or simply search "Japandi" to look for new items).

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Homestyler Official8 April 2021
Check out the video rendering for this Japandi design! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6CJ3HktvLE
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Clementine M6 April 2021
Hello HS. Please check out my new design using this collection. https://www.homestyler.com/projectDetail/6067357f665c7d09d1531606
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Callie M.3 April 2021
Thanks so much for the Japani update homestyler! I am already including the new 3D models in my design, and they are so beautiful! I am taking a different approach than minimalism, but so far it's turned out great! Thanks for your hard work! :)
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Evolutionary Architects3 April 2021
What an incredible collection! Thank you so much HS! Love this, definitely going to be the star of my next design.
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Anthony Julian2 April 2021
Bonitos diseños
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Ava Bowers2 April 2021
Love this trend! Im already making a design with it! Thank you!
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Ran B1 April 2021
Amazing, this is super!!! Thank you HS so much!
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