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Loft space with lots of industrial elements, but also touches of the orient and tradition. This room tested my abilities big time....but I enjoyed every minute of it! Hope you enjoy.
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Comments (28)

  • default-avatar.pngMeg Andreu

    Wow! I've always loved this template and your design of it is stellar! I'm enjoying catching up on all your fabulous designs! 😍👍

    3 November 2019

  • default-avatar.png@happyplace @home @ Karen Berry

    Thanks so much! I do love industrial elements in design. I think I would love to live in a big industrial space and convert it🤭🤗. I’m going to check your design out right now! We do think in similar lines quite often I saw. Maybe thats why I stand in big admiration of all you accomplish with your designs. Thanks for always be the voice of encouragement!!

    22 October 2019

  • default-avatar.pngKaren Berry

    Hester your designs just go from strength to strength... I loved them at the beginning... and love them today...this one is outstanding ...and I think we must have have the same thoughts regarding industrial duplex’s if you see my latest design lol🌿🌿🌿😊😊😊😊👍

    22 October 2019

  • default-avatar.png@happyplace @home @ Winnie Kayhill

    Oh thanks my dear friend! This was a real challenge for me!! Took me quite a while to get all the elements right and in the right places.

    21 October 2019

  • default-avatar.pngWinnie Kayhill

    Wow!!! This is amazing!! You inspire me to be more creative with the “architectural side” of things 😍. So beautiful my friend!!

    21 October 2019

  • default-avatar.png@happyplace @home @ diane.nowlin908 1

    Thanks so much!

    21 October 2019

  • default-avatar.png@happyplace @home @ Eliane Siciliano

    Thanks so much!

    21 October 2019

  • default-avatar.pngdiane.nowlin908 1

    Very nice design

    21 October 2019

  • default-avatar.pngEliane Siciliano

    Very smart and nice 💕💕💕💕

    20 October 2019

  • default-avatar.png@happyplace @home @ Danna

    Thanks so much Danna!

    20 October 2019