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traditional bedroom

My first attempt at a blank template
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  • default-avatar.pngIsa Martinez @ bj.dalton

    Thanks for the tip!!! Big hugs my dear bj ❤️

    9 December 2019

  • default-avatar.pngbj.dalton @ null null

    Thank you, dear friend!

    8 December 2019

  • default-avatar.pngnull null

    Wonderful design! Good use of colors and space!

    6 December 2019

  • default-avatar.pngbj.dalton @ nova /nova2

    Thank you, Nova!

    6 December 2019

  • default-avatar.pngbj.dalton @ Isa Martinez

    One trick I have used is to use the single panel curtains and swivel them slightly so the window doesn’t protrude into the curtain. It only works with some windows and limits which curtains you can use, but I suspect your way is better! I’ll try it.

    6 December 2019

  • default-avatar.pngbj.dalton

    Thanks so much, Isa. I’m just learning to use the grid and still experimenting. Thanks for the tip

    6 December 2019

  • default-avatar.pngIsa Martinez @ bj.dalton

    I have a trick to solve your problem with the curtains. Place de windows where you want them to be, then when you are sure you finished the design zoom in the walls and place the curtains. You must be sure that you don’t have to change anything because you can change the grid only once. I hope this helps you. ❤️

    6 December 2019

  • default-avatar.pngnova /nova2

    Very beautiful

    6 December 2019

  • default-avatar.pngbj.dalton @ rubibegonia55

    Thank you so much!

    5 December 2019

  • default-avatar.pngrubibegonia55

    You did a great job👏👌👌

    5 December 2019