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Funky Style Contest

Funky is something artistic, modern, unconventional or cool. There are no rules in this style and you can try anything as you want. For this week, let’s do a funky style contest! You can design any types of style if you think it’s funky. BTW, don’t forget to check out our new models and empty room. Looking forward to your wonderful designs!
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Comments (21)

  • default-avatar.pngMatty

    Bravo à tous et merci à homestyler !

    12 August 2021

  • default-avatar.pngArant

    Gracias por elegir dos de mis diseños,es una emoción muy grande 🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍💋💋👑👑

    12 August 2021

  • default-avatar.pngTip 1

    Please see Funky Town

    12 August 2021

  • default-avatar.pngSuely Haussler

    Team Homestyler, I have lost my count three times and am trying to regain my creative designs. Unfortunately, I was unable to retrieve the most recent account. This new account is mine. And I created the drawings. Thank you very much

    12 August 2021

  • default-avatar.pngPilii _

    por favor revisa mis nuevos diseños 🙂🙂🙂

    12 August 2021

  • default-avatar.pngconchi_valmojado 🌻

    Gracias Homestyler !!😍😍

    11 August 2021

  • default-avatar.pngTip 1

    Thank you and congrats to all 😊

    10 August 2021

  • default-avatar.pngGaronaX 🖤

    gracias Homestyler Staff 🌷😊

    10 August 2021

  • default-avatar.pngLili Vaz

    Please team, check my design. Thank you.

    10 August 2021

  • default-avatar.pngPetra Roman

    Please have a look at my design "Funky style bathroom". Txs! 🌹

    9 August 2021