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My siblings design

I let all 3 of my siblings choose two things. They chose where it went and how big. This is the result. They wanted me to post it sooo yeah.
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  • default-avatar.pngAddi Michelle💙🎺📷 @ Dakotah Armstrong🦌🎣👟

    You must be devastated, I am extremely sorry, you can still decorate Braxton, Caleb and Mikey’s house, all of them have no sense in style. I can’t be talking tho……

    20 February 2022

  • default-avatar.pngDakotah Armstrong🦌🎣👟 @ Addi Michelle💙🎺📷

    Lol ok

    20 February 2022

  • default-avatar.pngAddi Michelle💙🎺📷 @ Dakotah Armstrong🦌🎣👟

    So, sorry to inform you, but your siblings are replacing you to decorate my home when I am older

    20 February 2022

  • default-avatar.pngDakotah Armstrong🦌🎣👟 @ Libby Gann

    She picked the couch and the painting

    12 February 2022

  • default-avatar.pngLibby Gann

    Which item did Reaghen pick? I’m thinking the rug or the painting.

    12 February 2022

  • default-avatar.pngPop Ovo

    It looks good.

    10 February 2022