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Science lab

I might add more. Any suggestions or ideas?
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  • default-avatar.pngSunshine Princess @ Alireza Moghadam

    I found the beakers in the medical care section, the jars were in the room decor section, the ceiling things were with the ovens, the door was with the doors, and the shelf was made from something in the oven section as well. I used mirrors for the walls. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

    19 November

  • default-avatar.pngAlireza Moghadam

    Where did you find these items?

    17 November

  • default-avatar.pngSunshine Princess @ Darcey Mcilmoyle

    Ok thanks for the suggestions!

    21 September

  • default-avatar.pngDarcey Mcilmoyle

    Brilliant so far. Maybe a rug and a bench, but almost perfect as it is.

    20 September