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Hey Homestylers! What was your April Fool's Day? Did you play any pranks on your friends? Let us know below the post! Since the weekend is on the way, we would love to invite you on a trip to Africa to experience something different! We prepared some African style models for you in case you might need them! Have fun! We look forward to your talented designs before April 9th.
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  • default-avatar.pngAva @ Laura Mcbride

    Hi I also LOVE nature

    15 May 2020

  • default-avatar.png-_-123:Xxxvv-Homes

    Whoever follows ME I will follow THEM

    6 May 2020

  • default-avatar.pngLaura Mcbride

    This creation is so beautiful,. because I truly love to experience nature; the smell, the sky, and the reality of life. I love it 😍❤️💕#love! Is. Laura

    22 April 2020

  • default-avatar.pngkenter2000 aleksander


    14 April 2020

  • default-avatar.pngKym Puga @ Taylor Leanne

    At top right hand corner of your profile click on settings wheel and in there is option to clear cache...✌🏼💕😊

    12 April 2020

  • default-avatar.pngCarol Dreyer

    Hi everyone. congratulations to the winners. the past few contests, I can't tell who the winners are. if I do so a profile picture of a winner, I clicked on it and I can't see which design of theirs won the contest.

    12 April 2020

  • default-avatar.png


    11 April 2020

  • default-avatar.pngJordan Mann

    I’ve never been able to figure it out

    10 April 2020

  • default-avatar.pngTaylor Leanne @ Kym Puga

    Never in haha

    10 April 2020

  • default-avatar.pngTaylor Leanne @ Taylor Leanne

    Never mind haha

    10 April 2020