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The Carlsbad Caverns Resort Renovated Suite(Underground Hotel Tour)

This here is one of our suites here at our hotel it of course has power it has internet and it has a nice updated bathroom and updated kitchenette with a modern cooktop and new furnishings to give this room a more comfortable Feeling. The bathroom is on the left of the room and it has an automatic toilet yes it’s electric for a more high end feel to the room next we would be heading to the Carlsbad caverns Spa so stay put.
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  • default-avatar.pngTyrone The Designer 👨🏽‍🎨 @ Angela Gomes


    31 August 2021

  • default-avatar.pngAngela Gomes


    31 August 2021

  • default-avatar.pngTyrone The Designer 👨🏽‍🎨 @ conchi_valmojado 🌻


    30 August 2021

  • default-avatar.pngconchi_valmojado 🌻


    30 August 2021

  • default-avatar.pngTyrone The Designer 👨🏽‍🎨 @ lillian saunders

    I’m glad you like it thanks

    30 August 2021

  • default-avatar.pnglillian saunders

    I love the hotel idea!!

    30 August 2021