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#verypericontest-demo 3d design renderings


design with pantone 2022 !

Floor Plan 93.06㎡

#verypericontest-demo floor plan 93.06

Space Showcase 3 Renders

#verypericontest-demo 3d design renderings
#verypericontest-demo 3d design renderings
#verypericontest-demo 3d design renderings

This home design project - #verypericontest-demo was published on 2022-01-24 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 3 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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  • avatarTeke Tin Tekes

    I don't see this contest in the gallery.

    25 January

  • avatarBeutiful Desing @ Alma Gonzalez

    Gracias por la respuesta
    Hermosos diseños firmados

    24 January

  • avatarAlma Gonzalez @ Beutiful Desing

    hola,respondiendo a tu pregunta puedes usar los muebles que tu quieras{opcional del color de tela que esta en tendencia veri peri}.
    y en tu segunda pregunta,solo puedes agregar sotano y un segundo piso

    23 January

  • avatarBeutiful Desing

    Dear homestyler team, I have some doubts about the #Verypericontest-demo competition, In this competition should we use only veri peri trend furniture in our design?
    Can we add rooms and demolish rooms in the blueprint copy?
    Thank you for the kind attention signed
    beautiful designs

    22 January