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#ChristmasRoomContest-Demo Design 3d design renderings

#ChristmasRoomContest-Demo Design

Now we have launched the five competition - The Christmas Room Contest !!!
🎄🎄🎄Unconsciously, this year is nearing its end and the "Christmas season" is quietly approaching.
On this warm day, Homestyler has prepared a holiday guide for you. We have prepared a Christmas tree-shaped room for you.🎁🎁 In this room, you can carefully select Christmas goodies and personally design a Christmas room for yourself ~
Learn more:https://www.homestyler.com/forum/view/1468882940786528257

Floor Plan 69.4㎡

#ChristmasRoomContest-Demo Design floor plan 69.4
#ChristmasRoomContest-Demo Design 3d design picture 69.4
After designing the Christmas room, you can download the rendered image for printing and packaging. Then send it as a Christmas card to your family and friends to share the joy and celebrate Christmas together. It will be a very memorable gift!

Space Showcase 9 Renders

#ChristmasRoomContest-Demo Design 3d design renderings
Come an join us in this funny design contest and the submission will end on the Christmas Eve~
Once your work is shortlisted, we will reward 10 Homestyler points to your account, and the winners will win higher points, free memberships, renderings, unlock paid model packages, and other great prizes!
#ChristmasRoomContest-Demo Design 3d design renderings
Submission: 2021.12.09 (Thursday) to 2021.12.24(Friday)

Winner Announcement:2021.12.27 to 2021.12.29
#ChristmasRoomContest-Demo Design 3d design renderings
Once your work is shortlisted, we will give you 10 points as a reward. The shortlisted works can be found in our Gallery under the “#ChristmasRoomContest" tag.

#ChristmasRoomContest-Demo Design 3d design renderings
(Attention: We have made a change here that the shortlisted designs will only be shown under the corresponding activity tag, but we will expand the range of preliminary selection to ensure more works get shortlisted in the Gallery)
#ChristmasRoomContest-Demo Design 3d design renderings
Selected Awards:

(Each participator shall only be awarded once for the same award, and the awarded projects will be further featured in the main Gallery - which means the design will not only be shown under the Activity tag, but also the mainstream of the featured designs!)
#ChristmasRoomContest-Demo Design 3d design renderings
Best Room Award:

1st Prize (3 winners):

One month of Master Membership (worthy $45.9)

2nd Prize (5 winners):

One month of Pro Membership (worthy $25.9)

3rd Prize (8 winners):

Ten 4K renders + 20 seconds of 1080p video rendering

#ChristmasRoomContest-Demo Design 3d design renderings
Best Popularity Award (5 winners):

Ten 4K renders + Unlock one paid model package

Most Innovative Award (5 winners):

Ten 4K renders + Unlock one paid model package

*As an additional bonus, all awarded designs above will get additional 50 points for being featured in Gallery.
#ChristmasRoomContest-Demo Design 3d design renderings
Selection Criteria:
Best Room Award:25% Number of likes + 25% Innovatoin + 25% Aesthetics + 25% Color Matching
Best Popularity Award:To 3 projects with the highest points = (70% x Number of likes) + (30% x Number of views)

#ChristmasRoomContest-Demo Design 3d design renderings
Most Innovative Award:Innovation will be the first criteria - whether you make the most innovative purpose of the room, or the most creative redecoration of the space. Remember to include your ideas in the project description!

This home design project - #ChristmasRoomContest-Demo Design was published on 2021-12-09 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 9 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

This interior design idea has been featured in Homestyler Gallery under the following tags:

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  • avatarjvandybogurt56

    WWWWWOOOOWWWWWW! i just realized that the house is SHAPED like a tree!!!!!!!

    28 December

  • avatarjvandybogurt56

    Wow! that is a big tree on the map!

    28 December

  • avatarAlexandra L

    I created and submitted a design for #ChristmasRoomContest a few days ago ,but it is not published yet. Can you please check and let me know why? Should I do something more? Thanks!

    22 December

  • avatarChristina Jackobson

    Nice! I love the sense of Christmas in the living room! Its very cozy!

    19 December

  • avatarclaire mustin

    my is better though

    17 December

  • avatarclaire mustin

    its so nice

    17 December

  • avatarВячеслав Войцеховский @ Yvonne hu

    дозволено додавати внутрішні стіни.
    основні стіни недозволено змінювати.
    але є деякі таємні фішки.)
    підсказка) - розділ вікна)
    Бажаю успіху)
    та сподіваюсь ви покажете мені свій проект)

    15 December

  • avatarCinnarollie milk

    demasiado hermoso, me impresiona como hay gente que decorara hermoso...~🌸🍮

    12 December

  • avatarYvonne hu @ Вячеслав Войцеховский

    Cool, did you edit the project?

    10 December

  • avatarВячеслав Войцеховский @

    ось - https://www.homestyler.com/forum/view/1468882940786528257?lang=ru_RUна форумі
    ось лінк на саме приміщенн - https://www.homestyler.com/openShared?assetId=d9a967a8-5a82-420d-a814-b673afaa8d4a

    10 December