Ceiling disappears in renders

Nette X16 August


I encountered an issue where the ceiling disappears in renders. The option "Whether to show the ceiling" is enabled, the ceiling is visible in roam mode but it doesn't show up in the renders or the render previews. Has anyone ever faced a similar problem and found a solution?

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Nette X17 August
I'll answer this one myself as I've found a workaround after a few hours of trying. Maybe this will help someone who faces similar issue and doesn't want to redo the whole project in a new file. What finally worked for me was to manually customize each ceiling: 1. Add a flat ceiling, change the step height to minimal value (8 cm) and if necessary also raise walls by 8 cm to achieve the desired room height. 2. Add any lightband. 3. Optionally remove it after adding. Step 1 alone didn't work for me, but after adding the lightband the ceiling appeared so I recommend doing that too.
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